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Our Values

The Customer's Obsession

Customers are at the center of the company's interests. Not the competitors, not other websites and businesses, just the customers and their interests.


We embrace what makes us human, take the time to play and have fun, and create meaningful experiences for their own good.


Remain adamant about ethics and honesty, and inspire confidence by speaking our mind, acting on our statements and taking responsibility for our actions.

Fun & Serious

When we take what we do to heart, and that we work seriously, it creates the conditions for us to have fun together.

Hunt for challenges

Play to win and aim high. Be inventive to meet the needs of our customers. Don't be afraid to try something new.


Not to solve a problem today to meet another one tomorrow, to solve a problem to not worry about it anymore.

Our Mission

We accelerate the digital transformation of factories and enterprise by increasing the potential and efficiency of teams thanks to technology. We provide to enterprise a real time insights on their quality, safety and customer satisfaction for a more efficient, connected and collaborative industries.​

Who we are


Created in 2019, industry X.0 is the name we found for our startup, we create technological solutions for companies allowing them to control their value chains, costs, quality and to ensure better satisfaction among their customers.​ Our algorithms deliver your insights, synthesis data, with decision recommendations. We customize your apps as you need it. We have a technologies, we build your products, assist you, onboard you until you master your product.

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