Industry X.0 Redefines what truly means

Mastering your Processes,

Improving Quality,

and Strengthening Safety.

The all-in-one Solution to reach Operational Excellence

Track, escalate and solve issues faster to improve your industrial performance.

CIPA: Delivering Excellence, Enabling Sustainability

100% Compliance

100% Standard Compliance: Elevating Quality and Efficiency

< 1 PPM Reject rate

CIPA: Achieving Less than 1 ppm Reject Rate for Unmatched Quality

0 Accident

Zero Accidents: Safety First, Always

Up to 30% efficiency gains with CIPA

Optimize your operational teams’ efficiency, minimize the economic impact of operational challenges (including safety, quality, machine downtime…), and foster a culture of ongoing enhancement.

"CIPA: Beyond Profitability, an Investment in Excellence"

Rapid Payback
CIPA ensures a rapid payback period, with an average return on investment (ROI) of less than 12 months. This means that the cost of implementing CIPA will be recouped through increased efficiency, reduced defects, and cost savings within the first year of use. You can expect to see a positive impact on your bottom line quickly, making CIPA a financially sound investment.
Minimum Savings
When you implement CIPA, we guarantee a minimum cost savings of 10% within the first six months of use. This means that you will see a measurable reduction in operational costs, non-quality costs, or defects within this period. If this threshold is not met, we will work closely with your team to identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments to ensure you achieve this minimum savings.
Saving vs Investement
When you choose to invest in CIPA, we guarantee substantial long-term savings for your organization. Over a five-year period, you can expect to realize savings equivalent to at least 10 times your initial investment. This means that the benefits and efficiencies gained from CIPA will continue to grow and compound, resulting in significant cost reductions and increased profitability over time.

They Trust Us

Discover CIPA the Digital Sentinel


Digitize & Streamline

CIPA digitizes and streamlines everyday operational tasks such as checklists, forms, incident reporting, and document management, making them more efficient and accessible.


Observe & Detect

With CIPA's "Observe & Detect" capabilities, you can automatically monitor and identify anomalies or issues in real-time, allowing for proactive problem-solving and enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Analyse & Resolve

With CIPA, you can efficiently examine complex issues, identify root causes, and develop effective action plans to address them, streamlining your problem-solving processes and improving decision-making.


Follow & Monitor

With CIPA, you can easily track the progress of action plans, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and that continuous improvement initiatives stay on course. This helps enhance accountability, transparency, and overall efficiency in your organization.


Lexa (CIPA AI)

With Lexa, you can harness the full potential of artificial intelligence to gain valuable insights, identify trends, and uncover hidden opportunities within your quality management and continuous improvement processes. This advanced AI technology revolutionizes how you optimize your operations, making it easier than ever to achieve excellence.


Improve quality, Increase safety & Master your work environment